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in waco texas. tonight we look at what happened, what went wrong and visit the investigations that followed. that's all straight ahead tonight on a second look. good evening and welcome to second look. i'm julie haener. april19, marks a grim anniversary in the history of the united states. 20 years since the fiery end of the siege of the branch devidian compound in waco texas. many people would die, many of them children. we learn how the branch devidians came to be and how they ended up the target of the the federal agents. >> reporter: waco was not the apocalypse. but for david koresh and 80 of his followers it might as well have been. they certainly believed in the world great ending battle between good and evil and they almost certainly believed this was it. and it is perhaps as good an explanation as any of how a splinter group of seventh day adventist came to be the longest stand off. but how did it come to this. the armoured assault and fiery end on april 19, 1993? it actually began in 1935, 24 years before david koresh was even born. victor hoteff founded the devidian
in the city of west texas.just niorth of waco.has injured several people. these are live pictures above the area. we're learning dozens of people are ceo told to expect more than 100 people needing medical attention. the football field at a local high school is at anow at eight: a triage.. >> dispatcher: there are firefighters down. >> we have many people down. please respond. >> dispatcher: i will send everybody. it that we have, there are firefighters and there has been in the explosion at the fertilizer plant >> reporter: you can hear the seriousness. the fire is west, in relation to waco, dallas. to show you, where this was that exploded. you can see that nothing really of consequence to the east but look at the west. this is the middle school that burned. this high school is a triage. and it. and more homes here. with a large area. i just heard that there were 5 mi. away, their front door was blown off. ! this is a major, breaking news in dallas. this is in west texas. not that far from waco. the repercussions, continue to be very serious and we will continue to br
to waco, texas. they are reporting they are treating a number of burn injuries, which would be consistent with the nature of this kind of explosion. in terms of some other effects of this devastating blast, officials have closed i-35. that is the main interstate into and out of west, texas. they have also issued a no-fly zone of a three-mile radius around that area. the concern is of a secondary explosion taking place, which of course could affect aircraft. there are also concerns about toxic fumes. parts of the area have been evacuated for those same reasons. the concern of course, the primary concern, is to treat those injured and to prevent any further injuries or loss of life. so a number of people have been evacuated from the area in case there is a secondary explosion, but of those who have remained nearby, the mayor is asking them to stay indoors. this is because of the concern for toxic fumes. they want to make sure that people do not come in contact with that. in addition to that, officials have set up a triage area on a nearby field. that's where they are bringing some folks who
of west, texas. that's about 20 miles north of waco. and registered a magnitude 2.1 on the richter scale. the local ems director was visibly injured in the blast. and he describes the explosion. >> just a major, major explosion. the windows came in on me. the roof came in on me. the ceiling came in. i worked my way out to go get some more help. we lost all communication because the power went out. the station is damaged. the whole 1500 block of stillmeadow, the closest street to it. >> weather could play a role in this story. it could interfere with search and rescue efforts and the distribution of potentially toxic fumes. for more, we're joined by nbc meteorologist bill karins. >> at the press conference, they were talking about the fact that the winds are going to shift directions. that's a big concern because the first responders on the ground, they don't want to be downwind of this plant and any toxic gases being emitted. right now, the winds are out of the south, 20 to 30 miles per hour consistently. that didn't help the firefighters to put out the home fire. the cold front will com
for president obama to speak at a memorial in waco, texas, for the victims of the horrible explosion last week and we will bring president obama's remarks to you live when that happens. in the meantime, from hanging chad to tax cuts to the image of him with a megaphone at ground zero after 9/11, afghanistan, iraq, hurricane katrina, americans are looking back at the george w. bush administration on dedication day for his presidential library. president obama was there along with all of the living former presidents and first ladies, a rare gathering of the most exclusive club in the world. there were laughs, cheers, and tears. take a look. >> it reminds me of my favorite cartoon in "new yorker" magazine. this little boy is looking up at his father. he says, daddy, when i grow up, i want to be a former president. >> thank you all for coming and to all of those who have made this marvelous museum possible, we thank you especially. >> people began to joke that i was getting so close to the bush family i had become the black sheep son. my mother told me not to talk too long today. barbara, i will n
>> this is a blast. from waco, texas. and there are children screaming. >> please get out of here. >> dad, please get out of here. >> it is difficult because the child cannot hear. the mayor, and the west texas. saying that there are multiple fatalities. and over 100 people are hospitalized with injuries. 70 homes are gone. and this fertilizer plant was wiped out. also, the air is it dangerous to breathe. there will be an update in the morning from west texas. and in daylight the reality and the horror in that city of 2600. >> pam: bay bridge safety concerns with still released documents. bay bridge safety concerns still unfolding. newly released documents show. state transportation officials expressed concern about the integrity of some of the steel components for the new bridge, more than four years ago. according to published reports. in 2008. cal-trans criticized the bridge contractor. for rushing the test schedule. and delivering products that did not meet specifications. this information comes as engineers try to determine what caused dozens of metal rods -- like this one-- to snap, earlier thi
in the air. it's just about 18 miles north of waco texas. joined on the phone by glenn robinson, the ceo of hillcrest hospital. glenn, thank you for taking the time to speak with us here. what do you know right now? i know we're trying to understand how many people are in need of help tonight? >> erin, good evening. we have received more than 40 patients. many have been brought by ambulance. the rest brought by private vehicle. maybe that 25 by ground ambulance. we've just received word that the weather is starting to clear. we've had high winds in the area that were forcing our choppers to be grounded. now they're becoming airborne and getting some of the critically injured from the scene here. we're being told by authorities on the site we are to anticipate additional injuries coming in. as you reported coming out of the break, the field hospital triage center has been set up by our heart of texas rac. they're assessing many other injuries at this time. we are blessed with a large number of staff that have already come in. our folks responded extremely well this evening. and everything
in waco, texas. 76 emwere killed. two years later oklahoma city bombing killed 168 people. april 20th, columbin columbine -- columbine shootings. two students involved there committed suicide. and on april 16th, 2007, 32 people killed in a school shooting in virginia tech. april 20th, 2010, 11 people killed when the deep water horizon oil rig exploded. >> biggest disaster to hit san francisco 1906 backpack and fire. police hoped off the area until explosive experts determined that bag was harmless, still, the ceremony was moved to union square. today, it was the first time that no 2006 survivors took part in the festivities. they just wanted to sleep in. >> red cross wants to remind th all to be ready to deal disasters qite a mood today and look who is there. jerry rice. joining olympic champ kristi yamaguchi to bust a move. officials cannot stress how important it is to have a family plan fr a disaster. >> loved ones know you're okay whether through going to a meeting place or calling someone out of the area and sending a text message. >> we have full resources on abc 7 just
of the town of west texas right outside of waco, texas. earlier there was an explosion at a fertilizer plant that happened around 750 two p.m., about 8:50 p.m. eastern time. we don't know the casualties of injuries or possible fatalities. we are hearing reports of possibly hundreds of injured and up to two dead. those are preliminary reports and are not confirmed. the blast was felt as far as 15 miles away and could be heard as far as 45 miles away. at this time, officials have a lingering concerns about air quality in the area. they are asking residents to stay indoors to avoid the possibility of coming into contact with toxic fumes. the fire continues to burn. it not only did damage to the plant but damage to surrounding buildings. reports that a nursing home and a middle school were also damaged in this explosion that occurred at a fertilizer plant near waco, texas. again, we don't have a number on casualties or fatalities, but the reports are that there could be possibly hundreds injured. officials have set up a triage area in a field nearby. ambulances and emergency crews in the area. t
ve desde lejos se siente un temblor de 2,1 en escala de richter, en waco texas a 85 millas de dallas y al norte de weico, se dio a las 8:30 de la noche, hay decena de personas heridas que son atentidas en weico y dallas, ahora mismo podemos decir que autoridades no manejan cifras locales heridas y hasta aquí el reporte. >> gracias pedro por la información, esta explosion se dio cuando bomberos querían apagar un incendio, se habla de 4 cuadras a la redonda quemadas. >> el video capta la masiva explosion, el camarografo grabaria el primer incendio cuando salió el segundo, es estallido destruyo al menos 60 casas, un centro de ancianos se derrumbo, y sacaron 130 personas. >> todas las ventanas rompieron, vimos gente atrapada y saque 16 personas. >> tomy mosca, dice que antes de la explosion había un incendio, hay heridos con laceraciones, 36 están criticos, y hay niños pequeñso. >> tenemos heridos y muertos. >> los bomberos reciben el documento. >> es masivo cuando exploto en ocklahoma. >> es dos punto uno, se desconoce el motivo, parecia una zona de guerra, mas de 2000 casas sin
including in waco, about 20 miles away. >> now, jim, the mayor of west texas is a firefighter who said after he was able to get out of the situation, he said his town needs prayers. there were a lot of people hurt, and he believes there's a lot of people who won't be with us tomorrow. clearly, he's talking about fatalities. have you had an opportunity to talk to the people who may have witnessed things? i think at the end of all of this it's going to be a story not so much about the structures or the fertilizer plant, but a story about the people who experienced this, who lived through this. some of the stories that you may be hearing. >> reporter: sure. a man who lives a couple of miles from the site of the explosion, but certainly felt it at his house, jumped into his truck with his wife and his 12-year-old son. they drove as quickly as they could over to the retirement home because his mother-in-law lives there. they got into the building and started searching for her. they were able to find her, but that man said that he also saw a lot of carnage, a lot of human suffering and many injuri
of damage there in the town of west, in texas. just about 20 miles right outside there of waco. we'll also get an understanding of what local authorities are doing at this moment. we had a report about 45 minutes ago. we'll update you on msnbc on this breaking news, coming out of texas. that's easy to digest so you can fully enjoy the dairy you love. lactaid®. for 25 years, easy to digest. easy to love. [ male announcer ] when you wear dentures you may not know it, but your mouth is under attack. food particles infiltrate and bacteria proliferate. ♪ protect your mouth, with fixodent. the adhesive helps create a food seal defense for a clean mouth and kills bacteria for fresh breath. ♪ fixodent, and forget it. >>> breaking news out of texas on msnbc. we're getting reports of a large investigation team from the u.s. chemical safety board to the scene. what has been a massive fire and explosion at the west fertilizer plant, located in the town of west, texas. about 20 miles north of waco. we're also hearing that this team is going to be arriving some time thursday afternoon. we're going
begin in the small town of west, texas, about 20 miles west of waco. it resembles a war zone this morning. it was rocked overnight by a chemical explosion and a fire at fertilizer plant. that blast captured on video. just incredible. dozens of homes or buildings were leveled or damaged. the town's mayor telling cnn what that explosion felt like. >> i have never seen an explosion like that. a ball of fire went up. looked like a nuclear bomb went off. big old mushroom cloud. >> about half the population of west, texas, some 1400 people, were evacuated. officials say there are two confirmed fatalities. that number could rise throughout the day. more than 150 people are being treated right now at area hospitals. officials are going door to door. they are searching for survivors this morning. >> we are all over this story for you this morning with live team coverage. it's a very fluid situation on the ground there. that's where we find cnn's martin savidge in west, texas, for us. good morning, martin. what's the latest? >> reporter: good morning, john. yeah, this is the command po
in west, texas, which is near waco, following a massive explosion at a fertilizer plant. leveled homes and buildings was felt up to 50 miles away. an explosion so powerful it registered as an earthquake. right now they do believe there's loss of life. they cannot tell how much. early estimates between 5 and 15, but we know more than 170 people have been treated at area hospitals. some children and adults still in critical condition. police say they are treating it as a crime skreenl only as a precaution. they don't know what caused the fire. they are just dealing with fighting it right now. >> they still have many questions about this event. >> firefighters who are among the first responders are there. some unaccounted for. so we will be follow that with reports from the scene right away. >> we have live team coverage covering every angle the way only cnn can. we have george howell live in waco with us standing by with an update on the medical situation there. we're going to begin in west with martin savidge on the groun near the scene. what the the latest? >> john, it's been such a di
hospitals. again, this town of west is about 20 miles from waco, texas. first responders are coming in from all over the region. one thing that the gentleman in the press conference did say is that they do not need any more first responders because hundreds of first responders have come to that area to try to assist in this effort. they are going door to door again to try to identify those that may need help. residents are being told to stay inside at this time for two reasons. one, there are concerns about air quality because the fumes in the air, the smoke could potentially be toxic and they don't want people to come in contact with that. the other concern is for secondary explosions. the official that we just heard from made the point that there are still "active ingredients" at that plant. presumably referring to dangerous elements that could lead to a secondary explosion. he also said that the plant is still 1340e8dering. and so there are a number of concerns, not just about treating those who have been injured and stabilizing the situation as it is but making sure that there are no fu
town west, texas. that's 28 kilometers north of waco. west, texas is home to about 2600 people! rose mary, responders have set up a field triage station on a football field near the plant. a local hospital ceo has told us that six helicopters flew out some of the injured while others were being taken by ambulance, car, emergency officials have sent hazardous material teams to the scene to try to deal with the an hydrous ammonia which is a fertilizer and also considered toxic. >> now, we do want to give you a number if you need more information about the victims of this fertilizer plant explosion in texas. the hillcrest hospital has set up an information number to call. 254-202-1100. that's 254-202-1100. >> texas policeman spoke to the media after returning to the scene. he confirmed there were fatalities, but he says the situation remains fluid. wilson went onto say that the plant remains smoldering and that firefighters have not been able to get inside. >> we do have confirmed fatalities. the number is not current yet. tkt go up by the minute. we're in there searching the area right
. the oklahoma city bombing, the 18-year anniversary is friday. >> also the same week as the waco, texas, branch davidian situation. waco is about 20 minutes from west texas. some interesting, strange coincidences. >> coincidences right now. nothing that we can say is connected and hundreds of first responders from all over texas did rush to help, and we have abc's jim ryan among the first to arrive at the scene. jim, describe what you're seeing. >> reporter: well, it's obviously dark and it's dusty and it's not smoky anymore. it was smoky earlier. of course, the wind is blowing in the opposite direction toward the plant and that's good news. it's blowing north, which is away from populated areas. if it shifts around to the south, as forecasters say it might, then that could cause problems down south of here, but the hope is that the flames inside the factory will die down and up and the firefighters can get in there. so far they haven't been able to because of concerns of a tank inside there containing ammonia that could still erupt. >> now, jim, you talk about getting inside the actual fertili
davidians died when authorities tried to execute a search warrant in waco, texas. it came to an end when the compound caught fire and burned down after an assault by fbi agents. people, 19, 1995, 168 including 19 children under the age of six were killed when a bomb went off at the federal building in oklahoma city. two were convicted in that bombing. timothy mcveigh was executed. nichols is serving life without parole. a permanent memorial at the site now honors the victims. harris on april 20, eric and derrek klebold murdered 19 students and two teachers. 24 others were also hurt before the two took their own lives. hui attackedg- people on the virginia tech campus. >> turning to our medical alert, today doctors will order fewer and less expense of lab tests if they know the cost before hand. that is according to a new study by johns hopkins. when the prices were share, the overall use of the expensive tests dropped by over 9% and hospital saved over $400,000 compared to when doctors were not aware of the costs. researchers a cost sharing not be feasible for some of the more specialize
have not been heard from. the company west fertilizer is 20 miles north of waco texas. whopping wong has been following the story in our newsroom, claudine? >> reporter: we have some new information, and a missing law enforcement officer has been found, he is in critical condition and several firefighters are still missing. cell phone video of the explosion that devastated a small town of west texas. the fire broke out first and then you had the explosion, according to the latest numbers, 50 to 75 homes are totally decimated and the fire is still smoldering and they still have chemical concerns and the death toll is estimated at 5 to 15. now the ems director of that town is injured also but he said he is not sitting down because he has a job to do he just wants to get to his people and he is worried his radio is not working. >> my personnel are probably diseased -- deceased and some of the firemen are deceased and this building is destroyed. >> reporter: what would you compare this to? >> an atom, bomb. >> they are trying to get these people to safety. >> reporter: remember it starte
the massive fertilizer plant explosion. it's 18 miles north of waco in texas. we have chopper video from the local affiliate. what appears to be a triage area nearby. with us on the phone, is glenn robinson in waco. mr. robinson, what can you tell us? >> hi, anderson, as can you imagine it's a very unfortunate situation here in central texas tonight. here at hillcrest, the regional trauma center, we've already received more than a dozen patients via ambulance. an additional 20 by private vehicle. we're being told by officials on the scene that we can anticipate many more before the night is over. very serious situation. fortunately, we're backed up by other area hospitals. our sister hospital in temple and in waco are assisting us as well. >> what sort of injuries are you seeing? >> as you can imagine, with a massive explosion that has taken out the size that you're seeing on your screen, you can only imagine the type of injuries everything from orthopedic injuries, to patients that are experiencing serious blood loss. we are encouraging residents who want to help to please don't come to
of the presidency, this is it. at this moment, we're awaiting remarks from the president who is in waco, texas, at a memorial for victims of that fertilizer plant explosion that claimed 14 lives including 10 first responders, and will will bring you those remarks live. and all of this comes after a morning of presidential history. with the dedication of the george w. bush presidential center in dallas. with all five living presidents on one stage, president obama said they are part of an exclusive club but one that bears an incredible responsibility. >> the truth is, our club's more like a support group. last time we all got together was just before i took office, and i needed that because as each of these leaders will tell you, no matter how much you may think you're ready to assume the office of the presidency, it's impossible to truly understand the nature of the job until it's yours. >> and no doubt the president is relying on some of that empathy today with all that lies urgently before him. with us now from the george w. bush presidential center in dallas, texas, is the host of msnbc's "
at a fertilizer plant in the city of west in hillsborough. so is that in north central texas not far from waco. reports are we're hearing a number of injuries and wide spread building damage. not just in that facility but looks -- blocks away. up to four block as way. there are crews from fire and rescue departments that have been called to the scene if not already there, har they're headed to the scene, we're hearing from natalie stolis with kdfw. are you with us this sneng. >> yes. i can hear you. >> i want to you bring us up to speed. tell whaus is going on. it's unfathomable what we're looking at. >> it's chaos here on the ground. my position is behind a baseball field. people weren't injured but in front that have is a community center, they're taking people there who need to be treated they're taking some of the injured to vfw. first responders i can tell you that there are first responders and law enforcement here from all over the place. i have heard police officers and firefighters from all different small towns in z.cities some have never heard of in this area but they're here and ar
accident. >> charles working all night covering that story outside of waco, texas. >>> federal agents arrested a mississippi man overnight suspected of sending letters contaminated with poison to president obama and senator roger wicker. this move cummings just days after the letters were intercepted in mail sorting facilities for the white house, capitol hill. nbc's tracie potts has the details. >> reporter: richard what led them to mississippi, was the setting on not just two, but three letters wents too a mississippi judge, signing those letters to become a silent partner i am kevin curtis and i approve this message. that suspect called kevin curtis has been arrested in his home in tupelo, mississippi. the authorities were led there as a result of the investigation. three letters positive for the potentially dangerous and deadly substance ricin. wicker, president obama and the judge's all postmarked april 8th from memphis, according to authorities. what they don't know is why he did. there's little information, little evidence on what his motive could have been, what we do know, it
. >> this is a fox news alert. a fertilizer plant exploding near waco, texas. you are looking at live pictures from the scene. authorities confirming numerous injuries. they also say several buildings have been destroyed. the plant is in the town of west. now that's about 20 miles from waco. emergency crews from throughout central texas are responding to the scene. stay with fox news for the latest on the news. >>> coming up, a letters sent to president obama and a senator and tonight an arrest. and tonight an arrest and an alleged confession but wait until you hear who the suspect is. the latest two minutes away. [ ship horn blows ] no, no, no! stop! humans. one day we're coming up with the theory of relativity, the next... not so much. but that's okay -- you're covered with great ideas like optional better car replacement from liberty mutual insurance. total your car and we give you the money to buy one a model year newer. learn about it at liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? but maybe the problem isn'isn't your lawn. introducing the all-wheel-drive mo
for you. >> okay, you were listening to a live news conference in waco, texas, tonight. before we got to that, we were told that the update was 50-60 apartment units were destroyed in the picture we showed earlier. >> and it's too dangerous to send firefighters back into the plant right now to investigate and see if anything else needs to be recovered in that area. we'll bring you the latest. >>> back to the situation in boston. there is a bay area connection. there was a battery made at this fremont company. it may have been used to detonate the devices. they are saying the discovery has cast a shadow over the company and its 80 employees. >> horrified. appalled and shocked. these batteries are used for toys, largely. rc cars and trucks. and to see it used in such a way, just horrifying. >> they say that particular battery was manufactured in china, but it's available in u.s. hobby stores and online. >>> the oit of the third person killed in the attacks. 23-year-old lindsey liu of china. she was at the finish line to watch the end of the race. >>> and a 6th grader remains in intensiv
of a couple of thousand people, about 20 miles north of waco, texas, where this terrific explosion at a fertilizer plant has devastated the town and injured more than 170 people. many of those injured were taken to hillcrest hospital. a little while ago we got to speak by phone with the man who runs that hospital, glenn robinson, who told us what he and his staff are doing to help the injured on this disastrous night. >> at this hour we have now treated more than 100 patients at our trauma center here at hillcrest. we're part of a larger system. scott white memorial which is 30 miles farther to the south, they have also treated several patients this evening. we transferred two pediatric patients to our children's hospital that we knew immediately they would benefit from a higher level of pediatric care. and also area community hospitals have treated additional patients as well. we don't have a total number that have been treated by all the facilities in our region, but it is certainly probably -- at least 150 or more. i'm pleased to report to you, in talking to our trauma surgeons
explosion at a fertilizer plant near waco, texas, with five dead. the number of injured may have topped 200 already. >> abc7 news reporter cornell bernard has the latest. >> five to 15 people could be dead and more than 200 injured. the explosion was so massive that it registered as an earthquake. it began as a fire at a fertilizer plant in west, texas, but exploded. it registered at a 2.1 earthquake and could be felt 50 miles away. it leveled 75 homes and businesses, with films -- with flames burning for hours and shooting high in the air. firefighters are among the injured and possible dead. dozens including a police official are unaccounted for. hundreds are being treated at local hospitals. a triage center was set up at a high school near the plant to treat the wounded but that center had to be moved further away for fear more explosions happening. locals described the scene of fear and chaos. >> shrapnel is everywhere. (inaudible). worst thing i have ever seen. >>the most devastating thing that has happened to th
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're getting another look at last night's explosion at the fertilizer plant near waco, texas. you can see huge flames in the distance. and then suddenly, a blast. a college student captured the scary moments on video. fortunately, he was not hurt. the blast demolished dozens of homes and buildings in a five- block radius in the town of west. still no official death toll. but tonight, the mayor says 35 people are believed dead. now crews are coming through the debris, searching for survivors. randall pinkston tells us the investigation is only just beginning. >> reporter: the fertilizer plant was rocked by a massive explosion on wednesday. the blast leveled the building and destroyed surrounding structures. brian anderson and his son were sitting in his pickup truck in between buildings that no longer exist. >> god wants me here for a reason. i just gotta find out what that is now. >> reporter: rescue crews checked for anyone still trapped in the debris. the human toll is still unknown. >> there are firefighters now. >> reporter: some of the firefighters responding to the initial blaze are stil
of the religious group died when authorities tried to execute a search warrant on a ranch in waco, texas, sparking a 50-day standoff. it came to an end when the compound caught fire and burned down. on april 19, 1995, 168 people, including 19 children, were killed when a bomb went off at the federal building in oklahoma city. timothy mcveigh and terry nichols were convicted for their roles and that bombing. timothy mcveigh it was executed in june of 2011. the september 11 attacks, the oklahoma city bombing was the most destructive act of terrorism ever carried out on american soil. in permanent memorial at the site honors the victim. in 1999, april 20, 12 students were murdered, and a teacher, inside columbine high school in colorado. 24 other people were also hurt. senior and, 2007, a virginia tech shot and killed 32 people and wounded 17 others in blacksburg's virginia. he was later found dead from an apparent self-inflicted -- self- inflicted gunshot wound to the head. >> we'll be following all of the overnight developmts beginning at 5:00. not flower well anchor live from boston -- not flower
tried to execute a search warrant on a ranch in waco, texas. it came to an end after the compound burned down. people were killed when it bought one off in oklahoma city. two people were convicted for their roles in that bombing. serving life without parole in prison. this was the most explosive act of terrorism ever carried out on american soil. murdered 19 students inside columbine high school in colorado. two high school seniors took their own lives. a senior at the virginia tech shot and killed 32 people in blacksburg, virginia. many of us all looking for ways to get rid of important documents. make sure you do that safely. saturday will be the annual shredding event. documents get their professionally shredded for free. >> they do various types of shredding. he did not want to shred it into small pieces that can be pulled back together. is this saturday. more information on our website, attorneys general gathered in maryland to discuss privacy in the digital age. focused on ways you can protect yourself and your family. consumers will start seeing public service announce
of two tragic days in our negs's history. on that day in 1993 a stand offin waco, texas ended with 80 people dead, including 25 children. the same date two years later the oklahoma city bombing left 168 dead. a leading expert said the bomb makers were likely experienced and it probably wasn't someone acting alone. preeti arla. >>> and marks, transit -- land marks, transit, what is receiving attention. >> reporter: baltimore city police commissioner anthony batts, planed the precautions he was taking. >> i have deployed tactical teams ton sure the safety have our public transportation systems. >> reporter: according to police those heavily armed s.w.a.t. officers were in the metro, the inner harbor and train and light rail. baltimore city police are working in concert with other agencies including transit police who had a preens -- presence and extra equipment. at penn station amtrak, too had a k9. it's more than just places. it's events. the university slough baltimore law school is -- of baltimore law school is showing off its impressive new building. the governor, mayor and vice-pre
at the fertilizer plant in west texas. for people who are not familiar with this area, it is 20 miles north of waco. it is about 80 miles south of dallas. and there are firefighters on the scene that were battling some type of a fire when there was this massive explosion that we have been talking about. the explosion obviously impacting the fire firefighters that were there for the original call. we have heard from the ems director in this particular community that upwards of 60 to 70 people could in fact be dead in the wake of this explosion. but again, the fatality numbers not confirmed. you heard that safety expert talking about anhydrous ammonia. that's a very volatile chemical, upwards of 56,000 gallons of the stuff was stored at this particular fertilizer plant. some of the eyewitnesses reporting that a fireball, some 100 feet tall shot into the sky. we have seen some amateur video on youtube. we are working to get that vetted with our legal department to bring that to you, our viewer. just incredible pictures. reports that about 10 different buildings immediately caught fire, right after thi
an explosion in west texas about 20 miles from waco. >> this stunning video at the moment of the explosion from kwkt. >> evacuations are under way right now with fear of a potential explosion from a second plant there. clearly, a very serious situation and concerns from local enforcers there, enforcement officers, the death toll could rise significantly. over 30 departments from a a two-county area are assisting hazmat in the area. mr. robinson, i know that you eve been receiving more people since we've last spoke. how many patients have you been treating? >> our triage team has just informed me that we are now seeing slightly more than a hundred patients this evening. if there's any good news to be found in that, it's that the majority of those are people with more minor injuries and find folks who have major lacerations and those sorts of things that we've been able to help out. thirdly, we've estimated 16, the number could change, but we're looking at 16 of those folks that we know are going to be staying with us overnight. some have withbeen treated and released. some will be treated before
as a massive blast ripped through a fertilizer plant near waco, texas. the horrifying moment caught on cell phone video. look. >> well that fiery explosion leveled dozens of homes and businesses within a 5 block radius. >> and at this hour, emergency crews still moving people out of the area. we do know 200 people were hurt in this explosion, this fire. police are confirming that there are fatalities. they will not give a precise number yet as they expect the number of deaths to rise. >> welcome to "fox & friends first". i am patti ann browne. >> i am heather cheryleds. -- heather childers. a town of 2800 people. half of the town has been evacuated so far as a result of this explosion that happened as at this fertilizer plant. we have been talking about the danger of the ammonia, anhydrous ammonia getting into the air. that's a major concern for responders and people living there as well. >> people are complaining of breathing problems as the toxic fumes spread. there's a talk of the change in the wind direction. they have already evacuated people on one side of this town 20 miles north ofw
in the small community of west, texas. today, president obama attends a memorial service in nearby waco for the 14 people killed there. cnn'sed lavandera is there right now for us. good morning, ed. >> good morning, christine. thousands and thousands of firefighters are expected to attend the memorial service today for the 14 people who were killed in that explosion. this coming the day after we got our first up close look at the explosion site. >> a bomb has went off inside here. it's pretty bad. we've got a lot of firemen down. >> captured from firefighter radio transmissions, those were the frantic homes just after the west, texas, explosion sent a deadly shockwave through this central texas town. h is the first up close look at the blast site. this is the blast site here. you can see the crater which is 93 feet wide, 10 feet deep. that was part of -- one of the buildings that was on the ground here. investigators say they still don't know what caused the fire or what triggered the explosion about 20 minutes after firefighters were called to the scene. >> it's like putting a puzzle p
breaking news from texas following last night's deadly blast at a fertilizer plant 20 miles from waco. officials believe between five and 15 people have been killed. the number of injured climbing toward 200 and maybe above, between 50 and 75 hopes -- homes were leveled. police are searching for survivors door do door but structural damage and dangerous ammonia fumes have slowed down the search. it was the equivalent of a 2.1 magnitude earthquake felt 50 miles away. >> presidents of homeowners are receiving checks to settle a $3.6 billion lawsuit against major banks. after all of the struggles many of the checks bounced. 4.4 million home owners get compensation if part of the abuses by mortgage companies. 13 companies reached a settlement and checks just started going out but many say the banks would not cash them. >> starbucks is testing out a few new products at several seattle locations including spice root bear, gyp jury -- ginger ale and lemon ale. a blogger says that it was created as they would a coffee done in a shaker with water and a few ingredients and a blast of co2, and a
the bombs and the investigation. news is just in about a explosion at a fertilizer plant in waco, texas. more about that when we come back. busy news night here tonight on "hannity." @ [ dylan ] this is one way to keep your underwear clean. this is another! ta-daa! try charmin ultra strong. it cleans so well and you can use up to four times less than the leading value brand. oh! there it is. thanks son. hey! [ female announcer ] charmin ultra strong has a duraclean texture that can help you get clean while still using less. and it's four times stronger versus the leading value brand. charmin ultra strong helps keep you and your underwear clean. we all go. why not enjoy the go with charmin ultra strong? and his new boss told him two things -- cook what you love, and save your money. joe doesn't know it yet, but he'll work his way up from busser to waiter to chef bere opening a restaurant specializing in fish and game from the great northwest. he'll start investing early, he'll find se good people to help guide him, and he'll set money aside from his first day of work to his last, wh
plant just north of waco, texas. this appears to have happened about an hour ago. the plant was already on fire when the explosion happened. a number of injuries have been reported and several buildings may be damaged or destroyed. people were trapped at a nearby nursing home or apartment building that may have been damaged by the explosion. a fertilizer plant near waco, texas. we're keeping a close eye on it. we'll be right back. aaah! aaaaah! theres a guy on the window! do something, dad! aaaah! aaaah! what is happening? they're rate suckers. their bad driving makes car insurance more expensive for the rest of us. good thing there's snapshot from progressive. snap it in and get a discount based on your good driving. stop paying for rate suckers. try snapshot free at ok s o i' try snapshot free at 've been having with greek nonfat yogurt, loaded with protein 0% fat that thick creamy texture, i was in trouble. look i'm in a committed relationship with activia and i've been happy and so has my digestive system. now i'm even happier since activia greek sh
somber, very sad place -- waco, texas. in front of the stage, a dozen flag-draped coffins. a public memorial for the people who died in that massive explosion of the fertilizer depot in the nearby town of west, texas. 14 killed in all. the blast after a huge fire had broken out, levelled the building, devastated so much of the town. 12 of the dead were first responders who were trying to fight the fire. president obama said the nation stands with the small town where just about everyone has been touched by grief. >> we may not all live here in texas, but we are neighbors, too. we're americans, too. we stand with you and we do not forget. we'll be there even after the cameras leave. >> a day of great extremes in the state of texas today. the president and first lady later comforted the families in private. investigators are still trying to determine the cause of the original fire that sparked the disaster. >>> still ahead for us tonight, the huge traffic jam in the skies above america and on the ground. tonight, we send our team into the air to record what these flight delays are lik
. these are pictures just coming into us from waco, texas. memorial service at baylor university. president obama is arriving right now. he is scheduled to speak an hour from now. last week's explosion killed 14 people. another man died hours later after crews evacuated him from a nursing home. nearly 200 other people hurt. >> doug is live with more at the memorial in waco. i saw the president just arrived. >> yeah, he just stepped into the building. a helicopter landed in the parking lot nearby just a few moments ago. people have been waiting patiently inside the auditorium here for hours now. the place i absolutely packed to the gills. they sent the overflow crowd to the baseball stadium. over 10,000 people. almost three times the population of tiny west, texas. the population of that town, virtually everybody affected deeply by the explosion of last week. just one poignant example. the newspaper here in waco, reporting, on the justice of the peace in west texas. a guy named david peria, who saw the fire, left his office, jumped into this pickup truck the an attempt to help fight the fire but b
obama and the first lady will be arriving in waco, texas, for a memorial service to honor the victims of that horrific fertilizer explosion that happened last week. >>> but i want to begin this hour with a major development in the investigation of the boston terror attack. the surviving suspect told investigators that he and his brother had this plan to detonate their remaining bombs, there were six of them specifically, one pressure cooker, five pipe bombs according to investigators, in times square. new york police commissioner ray kelly spoke just a short time ago, along with the mayor of new york, michael bloomberg, and they basically said this, had the hijacked car suspect's vehicle they were hijacking not been so low on gas, they could have made it to manhattan. >> subsequent questioning of dzhokhar revealed that he and his brother decided spontaneously on times square as a target. they would drive to times square that same night. they discussed this while driving around in a mercedes suv that they had hijacked after they shot and killed an m.i.t. police officer in cambridge, dz
later the 70-year-old smokestack came down. wah, wah. >>> in waco, texas, a tanker overturned on frontage road. it wasn't long before the milk and diesel started to mix and leak into the roadway and had to be shut down until the mess was cleaned up in waco. >>> tributes are pouring in for annette funicello, a beloved member of the disney family who died after a long battle with multiple sclerosis. she was one of the original mouseketeers soaring to popularity on 1950s television then moving to the big screen starring in a string of beach movies. annette funicello was 70 years old. >>> well, with all the police tape on a florida campus, you might think it was a major crime scene, but this cordoned off parking lot at nova southeastern university's tampa campus is to keep people away from the hawks who have set up housekeeping nearby. people have been dive bombed by the birds who are protecting their eggs that should hatch in a few weeks. got to watch out for momma. don't want to mess with her. >>> now some sports and we start with a fundamental mistake over the weekend by a pro
a fertilizer plant in the small town of west, texas. near waco, texas, 20 miles away. >> it's difficult just to look at the video. at least 200 people are injured. that's the count right now. nearly 40 in critical condition. many people are feared to be dead. >> 75 to 100 homes have been destroyed. apartment complexes completely decimated. fire crews are now going door to door looking for survivors and to help the injured. this is a small town that we're talking about, less than 3,000 people. people describing it as kind of a little town where everyone knows each other. the mayor saying that there will be people unaccounted for. still unaccounted for tomorrow morning. of course, we're continuing to follow the breaking story. we'll get you new information as it's warranted. we'll be back with sports in a moment. >>> ahmed fareed here. the warriors are in the playoffs. we already knew that. we just didn't know who they'd be playing. now we do. warriors taking on the blazers, looking to lock up that sixth seed with a win. seth curry a couple three-pointers away from making history. 272 total th
, after the proposal fell six votes of passage in the senate. we want to get back to waco, texas, where the situation continues to evolve this morning. rescue workers are searching for survivors after the massive explosion at a fertilizer plant in the small town of west, texas. a town of 2,800 people. the department of public safety reports that at least 100 people were injured in the blast. the numbers throughout the night have fluctuated. we don't know for sure there. going house-to-house, or they were as of a few hours ago. officials confirmed, there have been deaths. but did not give an exact number. the waco tribune reports that several firefighters are among the missing. a number of buildings have been damaged or destroyed, including a nursing home, apartment complex and dozens of private homes. the blast could be felt, get this, as far away as 70 miles. it registered a 2.1 magnitude by the usgs. authorities are concerned about a possible second explosion. and have asked residents to remain indoors because of the threat of toxic fumes from fire. there's ammonia, perhaps, in the ai
texas, a fertilizer plant caught fire in waco texas. 5 to 15 people have been killed, 160 others were hurt. whopping wong is developing all the latest, claudine? >>> this is still a search and rescue and that fertilizer plan is still smoldererring. there are hundreds of first responders and the injured is more than 160. >> that is cell phone video of the blast that leveled self blocks of that town. keep in mind, it exploded after it had already been burning for several minutes so a team of volunteer firefighters and one police officer had already arrived on scene. >> i can tell you we are still missing several firefighters on the scene fighting the fire. the explosion occurred while they were actively trying to put that fire out. there was a law enforcement official on that scene as well, they were working with the fire department in some type of capacity. >> it is believed firefighters and the law enforcement officer are among the dead. including the utter devastation of this tiny town, a 50 unit apartment building has been described as a skeleton. and a nursing home also has se
puedo hacer... s/ francisco tremillo, residente de waco, texas te quedas sin pensamientos, nada mas le pides a dios por todas esas familias que si tuvieron a sus víctimas. cesar ---segun expertos, lo que causo la potencia de la explosion, fueron los tipos de quimicos.. take vo --segun el jefe de bomberos de menlo park, una de las sustancias mas inflamables es un tipo de amoniaco que se procesa en la planta de texas, el cual, al mezclarse con el agua, tiene una reaccion explosiva... cesar ---momentos de tension vivieron varios residentes de un complejo de apartamentos en gilroy luego que la policia los evacuara por una amenaza de bomba... take map ---ocurrio ayer en un complejo de apartamentos en la avenida "kern" take vo cuando uno de los residentes se encerro en uno de los cuartos de su apartamento y amenazo con hacer explotar una bomba... ---el equipo "swat" de la policia se hizo presente y comenzo a negociar la rendicion del sujeto quien habia sido desalojado del apartamento... blanca ---en san francisco hoy tambien se vivio una falsa alarma por un paquete sospechoso... pitch - ces
. the president will go to waco, texas, on thursday. he will lead a memorial for fertilizer plant explosion just two days after the boston terror attack. the blast killed at least 14 people, including one third of the city's first responders. schools reopened today in the town of west. students getting a hug from teachers and staff as a tight=knit community struggles to recover. we're all family. we know each other on a nickname basis. at a relief station set up to help those who lost their homes, the biggest challenge is coping with the flood of donations. this is a typical west or should i say texas. 'cause if it had been somewhere else we would have been there to help them also." over the weekend, some residents were allowed through the roadblocks there is limited access to water, electricity and natural gas at this time. a curfew is in effect immediately. investigators say they have pinpointed where the blast originated. "we do have a large crater. and you guys have seen photos of some of that, i'm sure. but we do have a crater that's there." >> pam: nat the explosion, caught on a cell phone
.s. is not ready to escalate in syria and more proof is needed. >> new at 4:00 an emotional memorial in waco, texas to honor those who died in the fertilizer plant explosion. >> bells rang out for the first responders and two honorary first responders. the president attend tended today's memorial at baylor university thanking the people of west for their coverage and grace. >> no words adequately describe the courage that was displayed on that deadly night. >> 14 people died in the april 17th explosion that leveled part of the town. >> a cleaning crew likely caused these enormous explosions aboard two alabama fuel barges accord together u.s. coast guard. a spark triggered by the crew touched off sempb fiery blasts. the explosions burned three workers on the barge. the situation so dangerous crews that had to let huge fires burn out. explosions forced evacuation of workers on the troubled carnival triumph cruise ship which has been parked nearby for repair autos a new anticrime initiative underway involving getting the public to use social media. >> tools will be going beyond facebook and twitter. w
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